Euclid Heights & South Shore
a canyon of brick, concrete and steel

I was born and raised around Cleveland and the industries that powered its economy and employed its citizens. Its manufacturing capacity (and the transportation systems that supported it) were quite impressive for its time. So it was only natural that I would want to link it somehow with our humble little railroad down in southern Ohio.

The Pennsylvania Railroad, our corporate parent enters Cleveland from the southeast on elevated trackage with access to their docks on Lake Erie. The industrial heart of the city, the following photos give you a good sense of what the area looked like in the 1930s. I created the Euclid Heights & South Shore based on several electric switching railroads that once served the east side of Cleveland and industrial areas closer to downtown. Access to the IG&E is via the PRR Alliance to Yellow Creek.

Welcome to Gotham.

In our universe, the Pennsylvania (via Kingsbury Branch to Erie RR) was the dominating passenger railroad in Cleveland, not the NYC.

Those are probably the Pennsy's Euclid Ave passenger platforms in the background

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